There are thousands of foreign medical graduate doctors commonly known as FMG doctors in India. Very few of them are able to clear MCI screening test – Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE). Only those, who are able to clear can get a license to practice in India. Pass percentages in MCI screening FMGE is very less. Less than 20% FMG doctors are able to pass FMGE screening test. After spending lakhs of rupees and 6 to 7 years of their crucial time, FMG doctors without MCI screening, are unable to see a successful career. There is no way FMGE doctors can get registration of MCI without MCI screening test FMGE. Life is very difficult for those non mci FMG doctors who are unable to clear FMG exam in India. Options for them are very limited. By en estimate, there are more than 25000 foreign medical graduates unable to clear FMGE.

Figures bellow will give an idea about the status of FMGE MCI screening test.

Failing in FMGE exam is not the end of road. Sometime FMG doctors tend to feel frustrated after not being able to clear FMGE again and again. It is recommended not to loose hope, and look for alternate opportunities available to them. There are many alternate options available to FMG doctors with MCI registration also. All the options for non MCI Doctors recommended by us are totally legal and FMG doctors can avail these opportunities without any problem.

Are jobs available in private hospitals without clearing MCI test – Jobs for mbbs doctors without mci registration in India?

There are some hospitals which provide jobs / night duties to non MCI Doctors. But this path of practice without MCI registration is filled with risk since it is not legal to work clinically with getting MCI registration in India. If someone is caught working clinically without MCI registration then it can jeopardize his prospects of becoming a Doctor and working legally ever in life. A number for FMG graduates tend to practice without MCI registration and license which can land then in trouble any day. Most of the unqualified foreign medical graduates are also good doctors with high medical knowledge which they are unable to use for the benefit of society. There are very less opportunities for jobs for non MCI FMGE doctors in India.

There are thousands of FMG non MCI doctors who have taken MCI screenings test multiple number of time. This creates a frustration and anxiety in the minds of candidates. The future of non MCI doctors is not very bright. Best path forward is to get a valid non MCI jobs in a reputed organization.

There are so many mbbs jobs without mci in Mumbai. There are also jobs for mbbs doctors without mci registration in delhi. There are jobs for doctors without mci registration in Chennai. So if you are looking for jobs for mbbs without mci registration, please get in touch with us.


Now foreign medical graduates FMG doctors who are unable to clear FMGE need not lose heart. There are many non MCI jobs for FMG available for them in medical field where FMG graduates can make use of their education and knowledge. These non-clinical non MCI jobs are normally with many big MNC organizations and with a good salary packages and a huge opportunity to make a successful career. Non MCI doctors can also work in non MCI jobs and earn good amount with decent jobs and high salary and can make a contribution to the society with their medical knowledge. The best part is that non MCI jobs don’t even require MCI registration for FMG graduates.

These non MCI jobs for mbbs doctors without MCI registration in India where they can work on medical stream and earn a good salary. This is one of the best option for non MCI doctors to take up a good salary job in an MNC and thereby make a successful career. A non mci job in MNC come with many benefits. Me any of these MNC companies are based out of USA, UK and Australia. Candidates also have an option to get experience in these countries.

Non MCI Jobs for FMG working timings are 5 days a week, 9 hours daily. These non MCI jobs for FMG enables FMG candidates to prepare for FMGE MCI screening test alongwith getting an exposure in corporate sector and earning high salary. So here is the opportunity of jobs without passing MCI in growing sector. These Doctor jobs without MCI registration come with many benefits. FMG doctors in these non MCI jobs, get high salary packages, enhance their skills and get knowledge while working in corporate set-up. Freshers who are planning to take MCI screening FMGE exam can also take these jobs because while doing a non MCI jobs, there is ample time for preparation of MCI screening test.

Non MCI doctors can look forwards towards a great career after taking these jobs for foreign medical graduates in India which does not require MCI registration. It is also satisfying for a foreign medical graduate to utilize his medical knowledge for the benefit of society at large.

FMGE doctors who want to study post graduation also have a great opportunity to study medical PG in UK without PLAB. For details please visit


  • Candidates tend to work in medical stream non-clinical thereby adding practical exposure to their knowledge. MBBS jobs without mci are excellent for this.
  • Office timings for these non MCI jobs are normally 9 hours daily – 5 days a week. This leaves a good time for candidates to prepare for FMGE exam. FMG Candidates have the option to prepare and clear MCI test alongwith doing a non mci job.
  • Non mci jobs offer good salary, growth opportunities, excellent working conditions. It is better not to waste time sitting idle and join a Doctor jobs without mci registration.
  • Working in a corporate environment develops the personality which help everyone during life time.
  • In these non MCI jobs, you are surrounded by Doctors of high calibre and hence there are ample learning opportunities while interacting among them.
  • Non MCI FMG doctors work on international medical procedure which helps in better understanding of medical concepts and imbibing good medical practices of the world.
  • These jobs for imgs in India are the best thing one can take to gain experience, exposure, knowledge and money at the same time.
  • Even FMG fail students and MCI screenings test fail students can also join. These are jobs for Doctors without MCI registration.
  • Excellent way to keep on preparing for FMGE MCI screening test, alongwith earning good amount of money.


FMG Doctors can expect salary commensurate with their knowledge and experience in these non MCI jobs without passing MCI test FMGE. These jobs for FMG doctors in India candidates have good pay scales with incentives and increment options. So even if someone is FMG fail, he can still make a good living. Non MCI jobs for FMG are best option MCI failed OR FMG fail students and students preparing for MCI screening test. All the Doctors currently working in the companies are very satisfied with the salary that they are getting.

In addition to monthly salary, there is a lucrative incentive alongwith salary. High performing employees get very lucrative incentives alongwith a good salary. Incentives help in motivating people to perform even better in their jobs and thus improvement in performance. Salary plus incentives makes this job a very lucrative option for FMG graduates.

Non MCI jobs are available in following positions

  • Pharmacovigilance – This is a position in drug safety where a non MCI doctor can work in a pharma company. A non MCI doctor is best suited for this position because they have all the relevant knowledge.
  • Medical Transcription – Transcribing voice recorded medical reports dictated by physicians and healthcare practitioners. A non MCI doctors has all the relevant knowledge to understand all the medical terms and requirements for this position. Medical transcription companies look forward for non MCI doctors as these are the best non MCI jobs.
  • Medical Reviewer – Reviewing of medical related documents for accuracy, patients records, and insurance paperwork. Due to medico-legal terms used in paperwork, a non MCI doctor is able to perform this kind of work in the best manner. Many hospitals, insurance companies and other medical related organizations require non MCI doctors for this profile.


The interview procedure is simple so that maximum non MCI – FMG doctors can get benefitted. Jobs for IMGs doctors in India require some basic skills with a good confidence. FMG graduates are tested for their medical knowledge, medical terminology and language skills. There are normally two to three rounds of interview and online tests. Candidates are expected to perform good in these online interview and online tests. Normally all the rounds of Interview and online tests are online. After clearing the interview process, FMG doctors can expect a decent salary with an MNC organization.

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